Typical dating website bio

02-Apr-2016 05:03

The snag-him secret: Enlist a close friend to help you create your profile.She'll feel more comfortable highlighting your strengths and cool experiences.Also, specifics are key, so if you're going to add "music" to your likes, be sure to mention one or two of your favorite bands.Even if his tastes are different, you'll come off as passionate, which is a major turn-on.Plus, guys have learned to dismiss those generic descriptions since they've been on dates with women who describe themselves the same way but are total duds in person. So instead of writing that you're adventurous, make him really believe it by including a story about that time you took a spontaneous trip to the beach with girlfriends and swam with dolphins.

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Mistake #3: You Go Negative You might be tempted to write "Don't message me if you were born before 1970 or live with your parents" in an effort to weed out unsavory characters.