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15-Dec-2014 21:11

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I think all moms' would agree that when their daughters' start seeing boys', moms' see it as their little girl is growing up and that is 'hard, I know I thought I was going to go stir-crazy. She still has to be home at a certain time, she has homework, maybe not so much on weekends but at least you have the advantage of him coming to your home. If you allow him into your home you will know where they will spend their time.

She will see this b/f behind your back and you dont' want that to happen.

If your relationship with her is on solid ground and your her mom as well as a friend at least she will talk abt. Allow her to bring him home for you to meet as well as your husband.

twelve year olds dating-34

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We have always had the rule in our house your boy/girlfriend can only be one year up or down. She thinks I am being compleatly unreasonable and that I am the worlds worst parent.I really dont agree but would like some more opinions on this matter.Boys' dont' grow up as quick as girls' which has been a proven fact.At that age they are still into playing games, hanging out with other friends' who as well have g/f's. I dont' think she or he will become involved which I know is a BIG worry to you.

Im not the sort of person to take advantage of anyone and i know that being christian is not a conticeptive but my purity ring could almost be one as i have made a promise to myslef and god to stay pure untill marrage, by choice.

as long as it doesn't go any further than what you're doing now, i don't see too much wrong with it.