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05-Jul-2016 21:08

Presently available for viewing in REVRY include the award-winning lesbian web series, Starting From…Now!, Feast of Fun’s Cooking with Drag Queens, and the critically-acclaimed dramedy Unsure/Positive.

Sadly, this small number is also dwindling as some of these characters get killed off due to network or creative decisions.Fortunately, REVRY and tellofilms are here to change our viewing habits even as they try to address the dearth of LGBT content on our screens.REVRY, which launched this summer, is the world’s first LGBT streaming application for Apple TV and Google Chromecast as well as on devices like Roku, i OS, and Android.Over the years, some progress has been made to widen the LGBT inclusion and representation in mainstream media, including the production of LGBT shows like Ellen, Orange is the New Black, and The L Word.

However, the number of LGBT characters in TV and movies is still lacking.When asked about why she created tellofilms, Christine Baker, its CEO and co-founder told Out & About Nashville that it was the “lack of quality lesbian content.” “We have come far with The Fosters and Orange is the New Black but are still lacking, with lesbian regulars dying on network shows,” Baker said.