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Interracial stories feature sexual relationships between different ethnicities or races.Interracial sex stories typically feature a well endowed black man and blonde white woman, however they can refer to any differing race or nationality whatsoever.Last night I had the most erotic dream I've had in a long time. Well, really it was more of a teenage boy and it was less of a threesome and more like her making love to the two of us. He and I never interacted with each other, but for me at least, there was an undeniable thrill in being naked and hard with...Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 4.91 | Words: 2,653 | Tags: interracial wife bbc teen threesome dream double penetration | 6 Comments Spontaneous hook ups can be great, but awkward too. "I think she might be getting into the bathtub now, and I know our parents aren't home." I slowly got up off the bed and strolled to my door. Her naked black body is getting into some hot water right now.Anyone else should have been excited that they were embarking on their third and final year but Farida felt so stressed out she would have hidden and not gone in at all if she could. Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,176 | Tags: college cock cock sucking interacial fucking hair pulling | 7 Comments Maggie finds new friend It was several days after Tony had paid his last visit to see Maggie that he called again and I answered the phone.Her husband, Leon, just looked at the racial slur spray painted across their mailbox and shook his head. The blonde white woman stood, sweating and pink in a blue sports bra and multi-colored tight running pants with her i Phone sticking out from between the fabric and...Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,818 | Tags: racism propaganda married | 5 Comments Will Farida do anything to gain the marks in University she desperately needs?I haven't actually seen it since that day, but maybe I'll convince her to let me see it again," I explained before I paused for...

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The small island laid approximately one hundred miles of the coast of Namibia, Africa.

John Morton and Henry Larsen sat on the beach in their sunbathing chairs looking at all the skimpily clad women and ripped black men. Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 4.92 | Words: 6,571 | Tags: interracial cuckold chastity belt | 8 Comments Dwight and I were chatting on line when I asked him what he was packing.

He said nine inches long and a girth of four inches at the top and going up to five inches near the base.

I told him that it would be an honor if he would allow me to give him a blowjob. When Dwight let me in I saw that he was in later his twenties. Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 4.43 | Words: 1,140 | Tags: oral anal | 3 Comments After a racial slut is painted on their mailbox, an interracial couple starts a peaceful protest “I can’t believe this kind of shit still happens in 2016,” Lily said, exasperated.

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Farida looked at her reflection in the mirror and felt a small pebble of discontent land in the pit of her stomach.Today was her first day back university and she wasn’t looking forward to it at all.