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06-Jan-2016 15:09

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Hopefully the balance of 12 will be back from Proof in around two weeks time at which time we will be submitting a further batch of around thirty barrelled action for Proof.

We are awaiting a delivery of bolts from the US before we can do this but we are looking at around 10 - 14 days for this to happen but at least we are back to building the rifles!

At last we have received 103 Rimfire Magic receivers back from Cerakote treatment and we have submitted the first 18 to the Proof House.

We appreciate this will NOT be welcomed by anyone and whilst we continue to keep our prices down where possible you will no doubt be aware of the dramatic fall in currency exchange rates with the US Dollar and the Euro following the recent Brexit announcement.

This means that currently all our imported parts are costing us around 15% - 17% more and that's before Import Duty and VAT are added!