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15-Nov-2014 08:07

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"I'd forgotten sex could be so incredible after suffering through it with James for 10 years," Susan* tells me one night at dinner with another recently separated friend, Anne.Susan, whose kids are in school with mine, has finally, nearing 40, discovered the joys of sex—with a 32-yearold— and she's partaking everywhere: from the hills of Prospect Park to the bathrooms at Nobu."There's really been no bad sex since I split from Matt," Anne chimes in. "It's just so great having sex with someone you're lusting after instead of someone you've been living with for years." I don't think Anne is trying to be mean, so I let the comment pass. who never had an orgasm with her husband, is seeing a guy five years her junior who gave her multiple orgasms their first night together, reads poetry to her in bed, and taught her kids to surf.On their child-free weekends, these formerly forlorn women are biking , traveling, shopping, doing yoga, getting facials, and communing with their skilled young paramours.And all that physical pampering—not to mention the afterglow from all that sex— shows.Meanwhile, I'm enjoying meticulously choreographed weekends of soccer matches and playdates; I've reduced my beauty regimen to showering every other day and weekly shampoos.My friends maintain that they'd ultimately love to find someone like my husband—I'm sure they're lying.

Divorce hardly has a great reputation— gone are the high-flying days of the '70s, when a generation of women fled stifling, loveless marriages to gloriously (supposedly) find themselves— but seeing breakups at close vantage was still sobering: There were legal battles, emotional battles, even physical battles.

"Your relationship is one in a million," Susan insists."You make each other laugh, and you still have sex," Anne adds. " How about sex up against a pulsating washing machine and every other weekend without my kids?