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11-Oct-2015 19:08

im loving this drama even though it's just so stupid sometimes but still, im loving it! i love momoe-sensei and arthur-sensei couple, hihihi. I can understand what she talked about with Mokomichi. I think I understand the Japanese text better when he's talking to Junko in the classroom. It becomes my favorite dorama this year even though I just have watched 2 eps. @not really an otaku: in the manga, hoshikawa-san changed to a suit when he gave sakuraba the roses. wouldve been nice to see yamapi out of the monk clothes : D i find the manga quite "sleazy" (for lack of a better word lols). my post earlier did not appear :/ so i got really curious about the story and since i have not seen any subs for this jdorama, i read like the 1st 2 chapters of the manga and OMG! kyaaa~~~ to not really otaku: in the 1st chapter, hoshikawa-san changed to a suit when he gave her the roses! Yamapi is a bit stiff, but I guess that's his character. the plot thickens : D guess the manga was a reverse harem type., wearing a gorgeous Spring themed kimono painted with sakura.

At first, I didn't have any expectations for this drama, and I started watching it because of Yuki Furukawa. sweet drama , refreshing , and it is a pretty nice way to change your mood or to kill time.. sadly enough as I read the manga, he only wears usual cloth just for once! hope he will occasionally wears normal clothes in the drama!! I like the monk character though he's too controlling. i'm curious about the appearance of yamapi on this drama, because on this drama his role is a monk... especially his hair..wkwkwk yamapi never cut his hair so short and he always had bangs.

But then, I got hooked into it from the very first episode with their sense of comedy! Kyaaa just finished read the manga cuz I'm waaaaay to curious about the story and I can tell I'm definitely gonna add it to my favorite jdorama list!!

Her date is the monk whom she accidentally threw ashes on. i mean there is no need to make all the male characters fall for "kingo" chan, right? Meanwhile, Yamapi still can't differentiate "l" for "r". ohohohooo, i read the manga version like 3 years ago and really really love it. i cant believe it coz the manga version update is very slow, so i thought that 5ji kara 9ji made isn't popular in japan hahaha. i want to see him wear something casual, hope soon. he's too dashing to be wearing just monk uniforms, no offense meant or anything XD wah, i know the manga, I've read it but since I can only read the translated one, the story isn't finish yet.

This drama is funny cute heartwarming and from the comments i read the drama version is way way way better than the manga so please don't skip it all the characters are awesome be it the main or the side ones :) For those that hate the manga because of junko, please dont skip this junko is not a slut at all in this drama, in fact, her character is adorable here, and the monk from possessive guy turn to lovable guy, the side characters are also awesome, the comedy itself are really funny.those that want a nice romance comedy drama, i recommend this drama for you all.. I haven't even watched this, but I hope it's better than the manga. I was so super pissed at the monk because shit you don't ever expect a woman to throw away her dreams and aspirations for you especially not one as determined as her. Anyways, I hope this drama is funnier and not as sexist/misogynistic/idkwhatwordtouse as the manga. :) owwwww only watched 4 ep,, and I can't wait to watch more of it! though she truly deserve it hehehehe anyway , voting for the monk, also for the yaoi-fan-girl with the playboy teacher! arigatooooo honnnnnttttttoni arigatooo :3 I recommend this drama! he's too dashing to be wearing just monk uniforms, no offense meant or anything XD" I know your feeling! I love the manga though, the character got quite messy halfway, especially the manga female lead.

Not a big fan of the other second male leads though.

Satomi Ishihara and Hayami Mokomichi spoke English suprisingly well compared to most kdrama actors.