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The Cape Town stadium has been compared to the Amsterdam and Allianz Arenas, the Emirates and even the Birds Nest in Beijing, which may either hint at some kind of architectural thought monopoly or just some cunning business savvy from the international construction trade.

They are all stunning examples of stadia development that have attempted to create organic forms that at least play lip service to the surrounding environment and Cape Town, being the newest of the bunch and having the advantage of one of the world’s most memorable backdrops, could hardly fail to impress.

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And no matter how hard Capetonians try, they can’t argue with geography.

And since the costs have risen way over the estimated to 4.9 billion, the flushing away metaphors are very close to home.

Though as a diehard football fan not clouded by those pesky socio-economic arguments, seeing the river of colourful fans streaming in under its shining reflective skin, I am quite simply unashamedly in love.

And impress it does, whether viewed from above on Ocean View Drive, from across Table Bay, or standing nose to it. Thankfully not in the silly hubris of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai but in a sense that it actually seems like it belongs, it is the stadium that in many ways Cape Town deserves.

Of course, you may ask, is it one that an African City can afford?

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