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24-Oct-2016 10:49

December 24, 2013: Special classic episode of the Best Show from Jan.

17, 2006: Tom Talks About A Sad Ebay Auction, Marky Ramone Calls In To Plug His Many Endeavors, And The Ted Leo-MC Steinberg Rap Battle, With A Panel Of Celebrity Judges!

| Listen: November 26, 2013: JOHN HODGMAN and KURT BRAUNOHLER in-studio.

AP Mike receives a piece of luggage and spoils “Sons Of Anarchy.” Roger Scharpling drops several bombshells. | Listen: November 19, 2013: KURT VILE, JASON FROM HUNTSVILLE and FRED FROM HONOLULU in-studio.

| Listen: September 10, 2013: Former Videogum editor GABE DELAHAYE and Tom discuss “Under The Dome." Alderman Shorter calls in to set the record straight. Tom has a beef with Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge.

Things haven’t been going well for Bryce Prefontaine. TOM LAX from Siltbreeze Records and director PHIL MORRISON join Tom in-studio. | Listen: November 5, 2013: Comic book writer MATT FRACTION and Monster Magnet’s DAVE WYNDORF join Tom in-studio.

| Listen: November 12, 2013: Callers try resurrecting past show topics.

| Listen: October 22, 2013: Tom recaps his trip to Los Angeles.

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| Listen: December 10, 2013: The penultimate Best Show with JULIE KLAUSNER, COCO from THE ETTES, JELLOMAN, GABE DELAHAYE, CHRIS GETHARD, AIMEE MANN, TED LEO and others in-studio!

| Listen: December 3, 2013: PATTON OSWALT and JULIE KLAUSNER in-studio!

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Depends on your definition of mean by difficulty and story.the Zelda games are awesome, so are the Dragon Quest games (tons of gameplay! If you mean're shopping on the wrong handheld. It's true a great many of the games are more game than story, and most gamers prefer game over story. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have a strict policy against licensing games with this ESRB rating on their systems. well just off the top of my head there is Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (an enhanced port of the first RE), Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Touch the Dead, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.… continue reading »

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