Tips on dating a drug dealer

20-Aug-2016 15:18

Some actions you can take: * Read about the signs and symptoms of substance use.* Observe the person’s behavior closely over a period of days or weeks to understand what leads you to think there is a problem.This information will be good to have if you decide to talk with other family members about the situation, seek advice from a professional or speak directly with the person.But don’t feel you need an exhaustive picture of the problem before * Share your observations with other family members and friends to determine how they see the situation.Do you have an adult family member or friend with a drug or alcohol problem? Continuing to use substances in spite of the fact that such behavior is causing problems is a problem in and of itself; it shows that substance use has become more important than the problems it causes. If you are noticing problems in friend or family member’s work, health, family, finances, relationships, social functioning, legal issues, self-esteem or self-respect, you are not overreacting.Describe your family member’s substance use pattern to see whether the professional would deem it a problem.Provide details such as the type of alcohol or other drugs, how much the person is using, how often, how long the pattern has continued, negative consequences and the person’s response to discussions or confrontations about substance use.

Someone who is unwilling to discuss the issue or consider whether there might be a problem is a strong indicator that a problem exists.

If they agree there is a problem, figure out who will talk to the person about getting help.

* Contact a substance abuse professional, mental health professional, physician, employee assistance professional, guidance counselor, clergy or other helping professional to help you.

* Ensure that you and other family members are safe from potential physical or emotional harm.

If there is a threat or feat of physical violence you should develop a safety plan. What Are the Benefits of Early Identification and Action? Research shows that early identification of the problem is a much more effective solution for substance use problems.

Movies, books and magazines often portray people who “hit bottom” before they can be helped. Early identification occurs at the first signs of a problem — before anyone has suffered a traumatic event, dropped out of school or lost important relationships, jobs, their health or self-respect.

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Ragged PI Harry Angel was hired by Louis Cyphre to find the whereabouts of a missing person, disgraced singer/bandleader Johnny Favourite (nee John Liebling), known as the "guy with the golden tonsils." Favourite, who was reportedly suffering neurological damage from war injuries, was a "disappearing act" after signing a contract with Cyphre in post WWII. [Note: It was revealed that Favourite had actually promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for worldly success and stardom, but then tried to renege, cheat the Devil, and hide his identity in someone else.]The twist or revelation in the film was that Favourite had transferred his soul through a Satanic ceremonial ritual into the original Harry Angel's body twelve years earlier. I didn't kill Fowler, and- and I didn't kill Toots, and I didn't kill Margaret, and I didn't kill Krusemark, I didn't kill no-one!… continue reading »

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