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Point colors include: Calicos are the traditional "patched cats" with a combination of white fur interspersed with distinct patches of two other colors.In addition to the standard Calico coloring of black, red and white, variations can include: Luckily, this breed is a hardy one, and individuals frequently live well into their teens.Persian cats are literally the glamor pusses of the feline world.As kittens, they are adorable balls of fluff that seem to almost get lost in all that long fur.This breed is divided into no less than seven separate coat color groups, with plenty of choices in each. This color variety is often mistaken for a breed of it's own, but Himalayans are actually just another color variation of Persians.Himmies always have a cream or light beige base coat, but carry darker shading, known as points, on the face, legs and tail.As adult cats, they have a regal, slightly snobbish look. Persians are loving and loyal companions that bond strongly with their owners.Persian cats definitely hold celebrity status amongst all of the cat breeds seen today.

It's easier to believe one might be a stuffed animal until you actually see it move.

The ideal Persian coat has a fine texture and is long, thick and glossy.

Variety is truly the spice of life when it comes to coat colors.

Persians really are "indoor" cats, and should be kept inside to lessen their chances of picking up parasites that would be hard to remove from such abundant coats.

According to the Cat Fanciers' Association breed standard: Persians are very sweet in nature, and tend to prefer quiet, peaceful households.These are quiet cats with soft voices, and they seem to enjoy displaying themselves like the fine pieces of living artwork that they are.

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