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03-Mar-2015 00:59

Frankly, the process is dehumanizing and isolating.It’s reduced the possibility of an organic romantic connection to almost nil.I remember the first time I tried a matchmaking website.It was about a year after my divorce and I was reluctant to step back into the traditional dating scene.How many hours have we spent flipping through the profiles of others, crafting our own (or paying someone to create the perfect profile on our behalf), sifting through thousands of possibilities and rejecting or being rejected as we go along basing our decisions solely on a photo?If we finally do get to the infamous Starbucks coffee date we’re often disappointed when, at first glance, it’s clear that this one is not one.At least when you meet people through mutual friends or by engaging in a social activity without being in hunt mode, the chances of a true connection grow exponentially. Because the pressure of “finding the one” is no longer part of the equation.You’re not setting yourself up for failure with the expectation that maybe, tonight, you’ll finally find Prince or Princess Charming and live happily ever after.

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When you’re doing something you enjoy, or socializing with friends and open to meeting new people, at the very least you’re no longer buried behind your computer: you’re engaged in real life with real people.

A friend told me about online dating and urged me to try it. You had to depend on your ability to present an engaging self-description and write follow-up e-mails, and hope that when you finally met, things would move forward and not curdle into instant rejection because of a balding head or a big behind.

A lot has changed since then with fancy Web interfaces, videos, mobile applications and more in what’s become a billion dollar industry.

Much of it is controlled by Match.com, which buys up as much dating website real estate as possible and then cleverly markets it as the key to romantic success.

We all know people who have found love through online dating, but how common is that compared to the horror stories?I understand how the anonymity of online dating can be alluring.