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A persistent debunking of crop circles by the international media has successfully influenced group opinion, so that most people have no idea about the true phenomenon as it may been seen visibly in Wiltshire each summer Now that is one good reason, at least, why most otherwise intelligent people on Earth today do not believe in the paranormal reality of modern crop pictures!

And one-third of those individuals would agree falsely with group opinion most of the time!

When they were interviewed later, to ask why they had conformed so readily to a clearly false answer, most of the test subjects admitted that they did not really believe in their conforming opinions, but had simply gone along with the group: for fear of being ridiculed, or being thought peculiar (see WATCH or WATCH).

Report truthfully what he or she could see plainly with his or her own eyes, or conform with group opinion?

The result surprisingly was that 80% of the individuals tested would agree incorrectly with group opinion in at least one case.

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Since 2002, there has been reasonable and undeniable evidence that most large or complex crop pictures might be non-human made, at least in the sense of local human fakers with rope and boards (see for example ourworld.or the summer of 2008, there was even more rigorous evidence for their authenticity, concerning a pi to ten digits crop picture that appeared on June 1 near Barbary Castle, and which was later publicized worldwide in mainstream newspapers (see