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19-Jun-2015 15:17

Relationships can be messy, especially in the beginning.

After all, committing to take care of another person can be difficult if you jump into a relationship too quickly or without taking a second to reflect on what you want from your campus cutie. One of the simplest questions to ask yourself is why you want a relationship in the first place.

“It ended up being the quintessential messy rebound relationship.

We didn’t mesh well at all, I subconsciously compared him to my ex-boyfriend and, looking back, I feel like I just wasn’t fair to him.” Overall, Jackie wishes she’d given more thought beforehand to why she wanted a relationship in the first place.

So what should you think about before change your Facebook status to “In a relationship”? Is it because you really like this person, or are you trying to distract yourself from other problems? Jane Greer, a New York-based relationship expert and author of acknowledges that there are definitely some not-so-awesome reasons for entering a relationship.

“Some wrong reasons for getting into a relationship are agreeing to go out just because he's more invested in it than you are and is making you feel guilty, starting a new relationship only because all of your friends are dating someone and being with someone just to feel secure with a partner rather than for the feelings you have for that particular guy,” she says.

Jackie*, a senior at Wesleyan University, didn’t think about her reasons for getting involved with her then-boyfriend, Conner*.

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“Before college women invest all their time and energy into a single relationship, they should give themselves the opportunity to date multiple guys and be open to different types of people before settling down,” she says.

Have a little fun hanging out with many different people! Know how long you can see yourself with this person.

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