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id=tdf8na3fq NUC&printsec=frontcover&dq=The+Great+American+Fraud. This bottle manufacturing company was located in Hulton, PA. Excellent reference, though this reprint is very hard to find.. Designates the Owens AR Bottle Machine As An International Historic Engineering Landmark. There is some interesting general historical information although little specific to the illustrated bottles.. An excellent source of reliable information on the dating of Canadian soda bottles styles and manufacturing related diagnostic features. A good reference on beer and beer bottles catalyzed by the excavation noted in the title.1912 (first edition undated, second edition dated). As implied by the subtitle of this book, the AMA was a strong - and successful - advocate for control and regulation of the patent medicine industry in the early 20. Nostrums and Quackery Articles on the Nostrum Evil, Quackery and Allied Matters Affecting the Public Health; Reprinted, With or Without Modifications from The Journal of the American Medical Association. A printable pdf file on the revolutionary Owens Automatic Bottle Machine used to be available on the ASME website, though as of this writing (late 2011) the file appears to be removed and only this short overview is available: The Little Rhody Bottle Club, Cranston, R. Mostly a listing of known bottles from Rhode Island with some illustrations, but does have an excellent research (historical information) section in the back covering a lot of RI companies including some with national distribution like Davis Pain Killer and Rumford Chemical Works.. This work is still pending publication revised, updated, and annotated with footnotes by Bill Lockhart and Bill Lindsey - by the Arizona State Museum.Most can also be acquired via the internet based used book sites like ABE, e Bay, Amazon, and others, though they may now sell for much more than original cover price.For a listing of additional possible references, a relatively recent book entitled Antique Glass Bottles: Their History and Evolution 1500-1850 (Van den Bossche 2001) includes the most comprehensive worldwide bibliography of books and articles on bottles and related subjects that is to be found, having over 1100 citations.This book is now out of print, but widely available via the internet book sites noted above.

Unfortunately, the majority of the publications listed on this page are out of print but may be found at larger libraries.Nostrums and Quackery Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quackery Reprinted from The Journal of the American Medical Association. This unpublished manuscript is beyond a doubt the best and most comprehensive study of beer bottles that has been undertaken to date.