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Todd Becker made his living by stealing the cash out of safes from stores, restaurants, and businesses throughout Texas and Florida, where he had lived before moving to Texas.He and his small band of employees would pry the safes open with crowbars, slam them apart with sledgehammers, hack into them with concrete saws, or cut them open with torches.He’d shower, comb his hair, and be downstairs by the time his kids awakened, ready to fix them pancakes and drive them to school.Many times they’d yank the entire safe out of the floor and carry it away to be opened at a more discreet location, occasionally inside Becker’s own garage.Becker would split up the loot with his team and then take his cut to his bedroom, hiding the money under some clothes in his closet.Some of the mothers were impressed that he liked to go to the school and read stories to his children’s classes.Others noted that he was happy to let the neighborhood kids swim in his backyard pool or jump on the trampoline.He would kiss his wife good-night and tell her to sleep well too.

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He was pleasant and soft-spoken, never one to talk too much about himself. He took his family to Sunday services at the Lutheran church not far from his home, and at the Stonebridge Country Club, where he was one of the top tennis players, he never threw his racket when he was losing. “A lot of women around Stonebridge Ranch wished their own husbands were more like Todd.” At his 0,000 two-story custom-built home on Fallen Leaf Lane, in Stonebridge’s Autumn Ridge neighborhood, where he had turned the living room into an extra playroom for the kids, Becker always led the family in a prayer at dinner.At bedtime, he would kiss his children good-night and tell them to sleep well.