Tennis player who is dating enrique iglesias

05-May-2016 03:52

Since then, there have been multiple rumors of secret marriage and separation, but despite whatever really happened, the couple is still together today.So it doesn't sound like there will be any invites to an Iglesias-Kournikova wedding, at least in the near future. But with the slew of messy celebrity divorces in the headlines nowadays (for relationships lasting a mere fraction of Iglesias and Kournikova's), perhaps not making the big leap is a safer move for the happy couple. Should Enrique Iglesias ask Anna Kournikova to marry him? He told the magazine, "It was just meant to be sweet in the moment. I thought it'd be easier for the audience to understand than if I said "my girl."[Related: 17 5-Minute Marriage Makeovers]But why not make an honest woman out of Kournikova after dating for 11 years?Iglesias admitted, "I've never really thought marriage would make a difference.They may one of the rare long-lasting and relatively low drama celebrity couples, but singer Enrique Iglesias and his girlfriend, tennis player Anna Kournikova, won't be exchanging rings any time soon, if ever.

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Maybe it's because I come from divorced parents, but I don't think you love someone more because of a piece of paper.

And nowadays, it's not taboo to have kids and not be married.