Telling parents about online dating

22-Aug-2016 16:25

It’s so unremarkable nobody would think to question it, right? ' Me: 'Fuck no.' Him: 'Oh good, what’s our story then? This is like when you forget somebody’s name - there’s a very narrow window of opportunity to fix it. The window is covered in newspaper and is very dusty.' I tended to agree. And the more I thought about it, the less brilliant it seemed.We decided on this lie pretty much straight after meeting. ' Two years, two flats, five large family gatherings, four birthdays, three Christmases and a cat later it seems too late to come clean. ' cried my boyfriend with a hysterical edge of panic in his voice when I suggested telling the truth. And the less brilliant the cover story seemed, the more stupid the lie became. Yet none of his friends, nor mine, seem to have noticed that not one person can claim to have been there that night. Likewise, meeting hot guys was not something that happened often in this bar.And our friends are remarkably clever people, lawyers and journalists - exactly the kinds of people to sniff out a big fat lie. It's like "admitting" that you use email or wear pants. Maybe that’s what we’re embarrassed about - being the same as everyone else. James Preece is the author of so he’s made a living off this modern boom.Then it hit me - I feel like Bruce Willis at the end of At least, some do, probably most of them. The couple who met on Tinder and don’t care who knows it - they probably know. No one gives a shit.' This was the most succinct, and true, response I could have imagined. Another Redditor pointed out (I was starting to feel like I was being counselled by a group of softly-spoken psychiatric professionals at this point): 'It's just one more opportunity to open an extra door that can provide you even more possibilities! The bar full of trendy wankers where my boyfriend and I pretend-met was definitely not a well of possibilities. We’re reserving our right to be embarrassed and to wish we weren’t part of an ever growing modern trend. We like to think of ourselves as an interesting couple, the kind of couple that knows about secret restaurants and puts cool screen prints on our walls and discusses arty films over craft beers and all the other wanky crap a couple living in Shoreditch does. I asked him about my hang ups - why do I feel embarrassed?We’ve both chosen careers where you have to be pretty hard nosed to succeed, we’re both pretty confident and sociable - maybe we both feel like online dating is admitting failure. As anyone who has told a lie that has spiralled wildly out of control will know, the key to success is tenacity. I decided to try and figure out why the hell we’re still so embarrassed - why are we too pussy to just come out and tell everyone? We have been lying to our friends and family for the past two years, with a kind of psychopathic consistency that would do Patrick Bateman proud. This lie is roughly as mundane and cliched as the truth, which is: we met online.

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Such was the embarrasing success of that we hit it off instantly, and within a week had keys to each other’s places. Generally, it was filled with pissed bankers and mustachioed Shoredites in Wu Tang caps.None of my housemates have asked why I didn’t mention getting asked out by a nice guy.And, if anyone tries to call you out - deny deny deny. The story has been fed to parents and grandparents, extended family and every single one of our friends.I was working in a bar near Brick Lane (this part is true), he was in the bar with friends, we got chatting, he asked for my number, we went on a date.

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'We tend to work longer hours and have less time/money to go out socialising.Many people also find it hard to approach people as they’re so scared of being rejected.' Maybe my boyfriend and I are embarrassed by our fear of rejection, then.

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