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10-Jan-2015 09:32

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They were the ones I really wrote from experience and not projecting myself into a situation and writing a nice story about it. ” “I don’t believe in magic,” that series of statements. I didn’t sit down to think, “I’m going to write about Mother” or I didn’t sit down to think “I’m going to write about this, that or the other.” They all came out, like all the best work that anybody ever does. The Beatles broke up after Brian died; we made the double album, the set. We had just gone down after seeing his lecture first night. I don’t know whether you’ve had it, but I’ve had a lot of people die around me and the other feeling is, “What the fuck? I thought, “We’ve fuckin’ had it.” What were the events that sort of immediately happened after Brian died? I remember being in Wales and then, I can’t remember though. Then George and I were sort of grumbling about the fuckin’ movie and we thought we better do it and we had the feeling that we owed it to the public to do these things. So we went to see Maharishi, the whole gang of us, the next day, charged down to his hut, his bungalow, his very rich-looking bungalow in the mountains, and as usual, when the dirty work came, I was the spokesman — whenever the dirty work came, I actually had to be leader, wherever the scene was, when it came to the nitty gritty, I had to do the speaking — and I said “We’re leaving.” “Why? So, like anybody when you say divorce, their face goes all sorts of colors. So he rang me up that day and said I’m doing what you and Yoko are doing, I’m putting out an album, and I’m leaving the group too, he said. I was feeling a little strange, because he was saying it this time, although it was a year later, and I said “good,” because he was the one that wanted the Beatles most, and then the midnight papers came out. It was of us in that situation together, in a hotel, having to perform before people. There is no great mysterious meaning behind all of this, it was just four boys working out what to call a new album. Fuckin’ big bastards, that’s what the Beatles were. All the handouts, the bribery, the police, all the fucking hype.… continue reading »

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After a long hiatus, Spanish colonization began in earnest in 1565 from Cebu under Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, before conquering Panay and finally Manila in 1571, where they established the capital of the Spanish East Indies, which includes what is now Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Northern Mariana Islands and Palau.… continue reading »

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