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All these different, smart ways of making my upper body stronger. Well, I think Taylor Kitsch is naturally born for stuff like this, so I think he’ll do great.

I have really strong legs, but working on my upper-body strength has been the real focus. Zach Gilford will do amazing too, because he’s so strong, and he used to run all the time in Austin [while we were filming], that was his thing. Zach already texted me the other day—I was intimidated about something, and he was so supportive.

"It’s a cool reunion just to catch up, hang out, [and] do something collectively active."This reunion required some serious training—SELF chatted with Kelly before the race about how she got ready for all of the mud-crawling, spear-throwing, rope-climbing obstacles (and how her fellow cast members would fare, too).__SELF:__Have you ever participated in an obstacle course, like the Spartan Race, before?

Marriott Rewards actually set me up with a couple Spartan trainers, like Spartan veterans, who’ve been taking me through everything. I learned how to climb a rope, [am doing] lots of strength and conditioning, and am working on my grip hold so I can pull myself up the rope. Training for an obstacle course is different than a regular workout. And doing a pull-up, bringing your knees up to your chest, and holding it—then releasing myself down for five seconds slowly so that I can get used to holding my own bodyweight.And it was really humid, so he would run through the humidity, so I think he has a lot of endurance. This is just Zach in a nutshell, he’s just so supportive, he was like, ' I’ll be there the whole way with you, if we have to stop and do some burpees [instead of an obstacle], I’ll do them with you.' And he’s already ran a race, he ran a race last weekend!He’s also very smart and strategic, so I think he will help us when it comes time to making a decision in the moment. So do you guys get to stick together on the course then? He’s been working really hard, so I think he might be carrying us all through this thing.Luckily we stop between running to do the obstacles.

Yep, Lyla Garrity, Matt Saracen, Julie Taylor, and the one-and-only Tim Riggins, got together to crush all 8.5 miles and 29 obstacles."I haven’t seen these cats in forever," said Kitsch during a pre-race press interview.

Minka Kelly, Zach Gilford, Aimee Teegarden, and Taylor Kitsch all participated in the Spartan Race in Richmond, Illinois, this weekend as a part of the Marriott Rewards team.