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He replied: "I mean, if it was a choice between that and the Conservatives, yes. I would hope that I will educate myself a lot more between now and when that becomes a reality." Derbyshire went on to ask Radcliffe - who has a Jewish mother - if he was aware of the allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

The former Harry Potter star said he was unaware of the ongoing row and told Derbyshire that he was "shocked".

The 27-year-old actor looked uncomfortable with the claim that he backed Corbyn as he answered questions about his political views on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC Two show. "I do have political opinions but when they appear in print I don't like people thinking that I think my opinion is worth listening to."At the time I was excited [about Corbyn] but I have not been paying as much attention as I feel like I should – especially before coming on this programme." Derbyshire pressed Radcliffe on whether he would vote for Labour in a general election while Corbyn is still leader.

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