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Adapting to life was not too big a problem, while trying to deal with all the paperwork and procedures took some getting used to, and I still struggle with it, but everything was still fun.

I made new friends in school, other foreigners in my batch, and when classes started I made friends with both exchange and Japanese students.

And four, marry a nice Taiwanese girl.” Thirty years later, and I’m two for four.

My native language is English and my second language is Mandarin Chinese.Culture wise, Japan isn’t so different from Singapore; there are common Asian values so culture shock was not an issue.No one paid me any attention and I flew under the radar.I was fine with it, believed myself lucky that I had nothing bad happen to me so I should be thankful.

Things were fine, and I thought everything was the same for everyone.

Then I heard stories, read blogposts and saw articles about how foreigners are treated in Japan – unwanted attention, wide-eyed wonder, random English shouted at them on the street, and many other stories. But nothing happened to me, I had no stories, no incidents.

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