Tall skinny guys dating

23-Feb-2015 12:19

) reasons as to why some guys are only really attracted to skinny women. There are plenty of guys out there that find “not so skinny” girls perfectly attractive. Skinny chicks back in those days were looked upon as poor and malnourished. Porn A good portion of the guys out there watch insane amounts of porn.I think any guy that is having a problem getting a skinny chick in this day and age should devote his efforts to building a time machine back to the 1600’s. Almost all of these porn models have perfect asses, skinny legs and arms and big breasts. It is how most guys learn about sex and what a girl looks like with her clothes off.

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Ever wonder why the best looking guys out there always seem to date the skinny “hot chicks” ?What makes guys jump to attention and break their necks when a skinny hot chick walks into the room?