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11-Oct-2016 19:54

But even within my own community, sometimes I am confronted with discrimination – because I am living with HIV.Some girls inform my clients about my status, and then I earn less.And it is a place to share troubles and find solutions together. Here, we feel open and free, and we can learn from each other.Another service is pre-test counselling, but we never force anybody to have an HIV test. She had HIV and tuberculosis and experienced itching in the area of the genital organs, a side-effect of the medicines.My name is Inna, I am 30 years old and I live in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

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Sex workers, women and men, and LGBT people are welcome in Dignity’s drop-in centre.

We offer temporary, safe accommodation, hot food, and a shower.

In Tajikistan life is quite challenging for sex workers, particularly for those living with HIV. But many do not have of a passport or any official registration and, therefore, have no access to treatment.

And some do not have a good place to stay and experience malnutrition, while you need good food when on ART (antiretroviral therapy).

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I am very happy with my job at Dignity, because I want to support people like myself.This work really gives me the feeling that I am needed.