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23-Dec-2015 22:08

Sometimes the women don’t write nearly enough but that’s more a sign of their lack of commitment to an affair, not the fact that they’re fakes.All the pictures look totally genuine and the women range from modest in their profile shots to showing off lots of flesh.The only thing I would say is that is unquestionably the most famous affairs site online, thanks in large part to the TV ads and the fact that it’s been featured on countless talk shows, blogs, magazines, and more.

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Usually it’s late night ads but the fact that they’re buying time in the first place tells you they’re making money and they’re working hard to convince their customers that this is more than some smutty website.The design makes use of a white background and feminine shades of purple, making the site friendly to women, which is the whole point and the key to long term success in the business of adult dating.For that reason they could theoretically have more private investigators in the ranks, but I’ve never seen any evidence that would back that up so I see no reason to be worried about it.Thanks to the wonder of television advertising and the endless stream of press Ashley Madison has built an impressive membership base.

The membership total comes in at more than 5 million and when you consider that the majority of those are high quality members looking to have genuine affairs the number is impressive.You can count on being able to find an affair if you live in a city of any kind and you’ll even have choices if you’re in a more rural area so Ashley Madison has you covered.