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05-Nov-2014 17:17

Imagine, for a moment, that your Swedish friend calls you up on the phone to talk about her weekend.She’s going on and on about some guy she met at Sturehof and after describing his toned physique and playful demeanor, she then adds, “Oh!” Both of them were stupefied, for lack of a better word, by his politeness.My ex, looking slightly sheepish, could only shrug in response. ” (Our relationship sadly didn’t last, but his manners, I imagine, would have.) Defined as “courteous and gallant, esp.When they had separately stood up to use the bathroom, I noticed how my ex, without speaking, also stood up.After my girlfriends realized what he had just done, one of them gasped and blurted out, “I’ve never actually seen a Swedish man do that!

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Maybe I’m alone in this thought that I’m about to share, but here in Stockholm, I sometimes miss feeling like a woman.

toward women,” I realized this word chivalrous is – dare I say?

– obsolete nowadays, and hardly ever used as an adjective to describe a guy we’re dating.

And the best part is that he’s very chivalrous.” Can you honestly recall the last time you heard someone describe her potential love interest as such?

Having now adjusted to Swedish culture, I would find it very odd if my friend would describe her new guy to me in such a way. Did he say he grew up somewhere else besides Sweden?

I don’t mean that I want to be put on a pedestal and forced to abandon my career, only to wear an apron and make kanelbullar every day.