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A quick summation of any of his previous five sentences will generally contain 10 usages of the words "Sebastian" and "cute." Wheldon has already scooped the little boy out wife Susie's arms and is focusing his gaze on his son when the subject quickly turns to diapers."Dan was lucky enough to be here, like, the first 16 days after he was born," Susie says, smiling.Dan Wheldon pauses inside the doorway of his home in St.Petersburg's Old Northeast and pops his shoes off and into their spot in a grid pattern of sandals and sneakers.But just up that stairway, past where the new Italian cabinets will go, in a brown and yellow room with a monkey on the wall, a newborn shook Wheldon's innate sense of clean to its core … (He honed his diapering skills changing a sister, Holly, who is 15 years younger.) "What ya gonna do?It's funny, because when it's your child, you don't care." Wheldon's friends, hearing this, are floored.He inspects a large cardboard box with shipping labels, only because he would have fallen over it otherwise. "That's got to be Sebastian's." Wheldon has been away for five days fulfilling sponsor obligations and testing for his new Panther Racing Indy Car team at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. He's up," Wheldon says, grinning and quick-stepping over tiny gates meant to hem in Maverick, a long-haired chihuahua, and Molly, a toy poodle.In a sitting room where broad windows frame a view of Coffee Pot Bayou sleeps the center of the universe, Sebastian Daniel Wheldon, born Feb. Dan Wheldon doesn't much try to deny he's a doting father.

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He lived big and made a lot of friends along the way.

Not many staged photographs are in his den, mostly candid snaps that sometimes catch him off guard when he notices them for the first time in a while.