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Cleveland - Compiled from multiple news stories 10/24/2016 - ‘Smart’ home devices used by hackers in website attack - BBC News 10/21/2016 - Video shows Dem activist bragging about disrupting rallies, voter fraud - The Washington Post 10/20/2016 - FB, Twitter block app police used to monitor protests - Business Insider, UPI, NBC and CNNMoney 10/19/2016 - Final Presidential Debate Tonight - 10/18/2016 - U. warship targeted by third missile attack from Yemen - Reuters 10/17/2016 - PA residents might soon need new IDs - 10/14/2016 - The team nobody wants to play - NBC King5 10/13/2016 - Wikileaks Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s Corner - The Daily Caller 10/12/2016 - House Speaker Paul Ryan abandons Trump, says every candidate for themselves - Los Angeles Times 10/11/2016 - Mall of America to close for Thanksgiving - CBS/Associated Press 10/10/2016 - Columbus Day 2016 10/7/2016 - Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U. intelligence - Reuters 10/6/2016 - Feds enlist police to scan gun-show customers’ license plates - The Wall Street Journal 10/5/2016 - Philippines’ President says he’ll ‘break up’ with US - Associated Press 10/4/2016 - Japan’s Ohsumi wins Nobel Prize in medicine - Japan Times 10/3/2016 - Debate Commission admits mic affected Trump’s audio - NY Times and LA Times 9/30/2016 - PA high school football players stand for the anthem - ABC27 News 9/29/2016 - Shimon Peres, the last of Israel’s founding leaders, dies at 93 - The Wall Street Journal 9/28/2016 - Senate Democrats Block Short-Term Government Spending Bill - RT 9/27/2016 - Say hello to Snap Inc.- CNN Money 9/26/2016 - How Clinton plans to ‘get under Trump’s skin’ in tonight’s debate - London's Daily Telegraph 9/23/2016 - Trump-Clinton debate expected to shatter records - The Hill 9/22/2016 - Top US intelligence official: Snowden should not be pardoned - Associated Press 9/21/2016 - Feds want to regulate self-driving cars - CBS News/AP 9/20/2016 - GOP lawmakers request freeze on refugees from Middle East, North Africa - CBS News 9/19/2016 - The visa “loophole” that’s been open since 9/11 - CBS News 9/16/2016 - U. immigration system poses security risk: study - Reuters 3/17/2016 - ISIS Documents Identify Thousands Of Jihadis - Britain's Sky News 3/16/2016 - 5 years later, Japan still struggles to recover from tsunami disaster - USA Today 3/15/2016 - Vermont legislature on track to be first in U. to legalize marijuana - Reuters 3/14/2016 - Carson becomes second candidate to back Trump - London's Daily Telegraph 3/11/2016 - Three-time champion Seavey in lead halfway through Alaska’s Iditarod - Reuters 3/10/2016 - Biden criticizes Palestinians for not condemning attack - The Washington Post 3/9/2016 - Ray Tomlinson, creator of email, dies - 3/8/2016 - Former first lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94 - Reuters 3/7/2016 - After a year in space, Scott Kelly returns 2 inches taller - USA Today 3/4/2016 - Do D ‘Hack the Pentagon’ competition - Fox News/AP 3/3/2016 - See That Billboard?

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