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27-Nov-2015 01:21

Working on emotional maturity, healthy boundary-setting, self-identity and alignment with Life Principles that work allows us to enter a state of independence, which then sets the platform to not only secure private accomplishment, but one that will expand into public accomplishment.This transformation secures a synergistic expansion of love, happiness and success with others and our environment.These old incongruent energy statements are becoming more obvious and more unbearable to live with. We are all being called, as part of 'a new world', to make the journey from co-dependence to independence to interdependence.relying on others to provide what we are not providing for ourselves.

Ultimately our 'new world' that is emerging is one that works with the components of love, trust, warmth and communion.

The days of 'dog eat dog', 'survival of the fittest', and 'me versus you' and 'I need to succeed with intimidation, victim behaviour or manipulation' have now become ineffectual, and create great disappointment, delays and pain. Businesses, love relationships and families in modern times are breaking apart as a result of fear based, 'low-trust' conditions.

And often as a foreigner, you have the advantage of being different and intriguing.… continue reading »

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I., Teacher's Assistant There are no requirements for taking this training however we strongly recommend that you have six months to one year of yoga experience.… continue reading »

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