Strata dating system

17-Oct-2015 22:09

ata' Smith (23 March 1769 – 28 August 1839) was an English geologist and surveyor who generated the first geological map of England.

When one thinks of how little had been published on formalized sedimentary stratigraphy and how little was known of the relationship of fossils to depositional setting and time, this was a miraculous creation of intuitive genius.

This is matched by world class analysis at one of a number of laboratories.

The accuracy of the age determination depends on the steepness of the global strontium curve, which varies with age.

Sample preparation and sample analysis - price on application. The cost can be reduced for a large projects (50+ samples). The amount of radiogenic strontium in the world’s oceans is principally controlled by contributions from continental runoff, exhalations at oceanic ridges and meteoric waters.

Turnaround time is normally 3-4 weeks from receipt of samples. In terms of geological time oceanic mixing is instantaneous.

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molluscs, foraminifera, conodonts, fish teeth and calcareous algae) throughout the Phanerozoic.

It is also possible to use whole rock samples (carbonates, dolomitised carbonates and evaporites) for analysis providing any diagenesis was early.

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