Straight men sex chats

15-Aug-2016 05:59

That’s why you sneered at me for envying happily married couples who make time for each other and share a life together, and suggesting that maybe we might want to do some fun stuff together like that. That’s why you belittled all the signs of affection I gave you. And all the things you said weren’t important in a relationship suddenly were. I was supposed to never ask about those expensive gifts and trips that showed up on the credit cards. This is a declaration of independence and healing from one of those women. Yes I have heard that I ruined our family and didn’t work hard enough on the marriage because I am so selfish and other straight wives don’t think this is such a big deal. I’ve heard of this fluid sexuality you speak of, this temptation, this sex addiction you have to recover from if only I will stay married to you. I’m also done with trying to figure out if you are gay or bi. You want to have sex with other men, but somehow, you are not gay. I’m done with trying to convince our relatives, our children, our pastor, my mother that you’re gay.

Editors note: The story of the straight wife married to a gay man is not always about recovering after he comes out.

Some women deal with gay spouses who are closeted and abusive. Yes, I know I have been done with the marriage for a while.

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