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06-Apr-2015 18:25

Lately, our readers have been asking us about matters of the heart, so we passed along two touchy questions to actor, producer and former wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. My girlfriend caught me cheating on her, and she’s pissed. I don’t want to end the relationship, so what should I do? Figure all that out first; otherwise you have got to get out. I was being somewhat of a prick, so we got to the bottom of it, we didn’t sweep anything under the carpet, and we figured out whether there was a future and whether we wanted to proceed. We sat down and had that same kind of heart-to-heart talk, and I realized at the time that I was kind of wanting to have my cake and eat it, too, and I wasn’t giving her the attention that she deserved or expected.Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is the candidate with the strongest pro wrestling background.

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I suppose there's still Wednesday and Thursday night for that.The seven times world champion has been treated at home in Switzerland since he was released from hospital and few details have been made public.

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