Still dating

31-Jan-2015 05:32

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He broke it off with her the day after he asked me out, but I had asked him about her several times in the course of our relationship and he used to always say that he doesn't talk to her anymore.

After he broke up with her he has never been in touch with her.

Sounds like he loved her and wanted to have you too and was playing you both. If he tells her he loves her while trying to date you, he is an asshole a liar, and a cheater. You already know he is capable of it if he already told you he left her for you.

she tried to contact him and he showed me her msgs.

I just have this feeling that something is messed up now,.

Him and I were really close friends before so I was aware of this girl and he would always be telling me how he really wants to get out of it.However when I saw the msgs they were all lovey dovey and he even met her twice. I recently found out that my bf of 1 year was actually still dating his ex when we hooked up.I found their old conversation on his email and when I asked him he said he was confused and was looking for ways to break it off with her.

He even told her he was over seas for a month in that time but still msged and replied back.

I want to believe him but logic tells me that if a guy is over a girl and likes someone else he would either break it off totally or start ignoring her msgs.

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