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29-Nov-2015 15:57

I started again with the aldara cream and I started to get a regular tingling sensation again and also saw visible outbreaks again on the scrotum area (not where the cream was applied at any time).The skin cleared up fine and I got no more symptoms, I even forgot all about my visit to the clinic and the condition but ten days later I had to contact my GUM clinic for my test results and they said I had Herpes Simplex Type 2 virus.I was very shocked as I had had no previous symptoms whatsoever and my previous sexual activity was over 9 months ago.I have visited the GUM clinic around four or five times since and been given the freezing treatment followed by Aldara cream and although every time I had the full STI testing this was found to be the only virus I had (or had symptoms for).However, on the last visit I made around mid july I was given the cream again.This left me devastated for a few days and I hit an all time low.I was advised that I could go back onto the aldara cream because the doctor seemed to think it wasn't linked to the herpes outbreak.2 weeks later I got immense pain in my lower left scrotum area which started with a stinging / itching pain and progressively worse until it turned into what seemed like a very large burst blister which caused immense pain.

I have suffered from genital warts for around 18 months now.The first time I got the symptoms I went to my local GUM clinic and the doctor stated from a visual examination that I had the HPV virus type that caused genital warts.He then froze the warts and gave me some 'warticon' cream.A few months later the warts came back and I revisited the clinic and they were frozen once again, but this time I was given 'Aldara' cream to apply three times a week on the warts.

Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born in, plus the age you will be THIS year and it will EQUAL to 111..

Hi all, I am desperately seeking peoples opinions on this please.

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