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08-Nov-2015 12:29

Her name is Margie Bridges-Woods and she used to be knee deep in the Memphis drug scene...She was twice married to two notorious Memphis drug dealers.And for the love of all that’s fair and right, cease and desist with your he-man woman-hating club commentary. Watching two clearly materialistic sisters act like rude clowns on a date is painful.This ridiculous dating video hoax perpetrated by Steve Harvey is being heralded as some Batman beacon for all the “nice guys” out there. In fact, this is straight up trolling at its worst. They ask the two men questions about their finances and the number of bedrooms in their homes.However, I will point out there is wrongdoing on both ends of the issue. The men are disguised to look less attractive, complete with at least one fuzzy George Jefferson hairpiece and even the artificial yellowing of their teeth.Please, if it hasn’t trickled across your timeline, watch this brief clip. At one point, they begin (on a date, no less) offering to hook the guys up with their other friends…or as I’m guessing given the lack of sparks on this encounter…frenemies.Nothing about their arrogant behavior is defensible, so don’t think I am planning to try.At least Margie upgraded from running around with drug dealers to running around with a dude who likes to dress like a pimp.

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After her first husband was sentenced to life in prison she divorced him and married one of the infamous Woods brothers, Darnell Woods, who was indicted last year on drug charges and is currently awaiting trial.

Some say Steve's relationship with this chick started way before he divorced his wife Mary, but who really knows?