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08-Sep-2016 02:37

Tiya Miles is a Mac Arthur Fellowship “genius” grant recipient and lauded professor at the University of Michigan.

Most would assume her intellect and accomplishments would place her above the petty concerns of average folk.

It’s also safe to say that as more companies allow working from home, masturbation rates will rise to hand-numbing levels, and Netflix will maintain a stronghold on our binge-watching.

What we don’t yet know are all of the sexy and bizarre ways we’ll connect in the new year.

Yet, like many black women, she is not immune to the twitch of anger evinced at the site of a black man with a white woman.

Writing for The Huffington Post, Miles penned a moving essay about this phenomenon: Hers is a tale of seeing first hand the black men in her family routinely select white women as mates.

“Last holiday season gave me plenty of food for thought on this all too familiar and often uncomfortable racially-tinged question.

We kicked things off with high energy, new hope, and a commitment to a fresh start. To move ahead in the New Year, we’re looking back at 2015 to find out what we’ve learned, how we’ve changed and what the future holds. We predict that racial bias will continue to be our #1 deal breaker for daters and, if Ok Cupid users have their way, we’ll be electing a Democrat to the White House.

As we become more progressive, we’ll be less tolerant of those who fall behind.

One of my male relatives brought home a date for Thanksgiving who could have been Barbie’s twin sister.” She assures readers: she has nothing against these women. Instead the background history that has rendered black women undesirable as partners needs to be brought to light. “Romantic attraction is subject to the larger social forces of racial prestige and stigma that swirl all around us, and in this environment, black women are losing out,” she states.

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This rattles her even though she is married to a Native American.

Bracing for more interracial couplings Miles brings the statistics about interracial marriage and black men to life by relating this trend to a typical, yet important, dating ritual: taking a serious partner home for the holidays.

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Being the resourceful (and, yes, perhaps a little desperate) late 20-something gal that I was, I often used my job as a dating service with just one client: me. I wooed available men off of all the major dating sites –, (nope, I’m not Jewish), and, of course, the mother of all meet your match dating websites: e Depending on the show, you might undergo a Psychological exam to see if you are mentally fit for the show – these can often be around 800 questions. And isn’t it comforting to know that when you meet your potential soul mate up close and on camera, you know he’ll be free of all communicable diseases, major mental defects and hopefully criminal charges.… continue reading »

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