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‎Thaddeus Addai Edessa‎ to CFD – San Roque de Navotas Chapter JESUS’ CRUCIFIXION WAS IN VAIN. HE IS BEING GLORIFIED BY THE MEMBERS INSTEAD OF GLORIFYING THE SAVIOR JESUS […] Juanito Aquino SINO ANG ANTI-KRISTO NA ANG PANGALAN AY MAY BILANG NA 666 Sangayon sa Apoc.-“Dito’y may karunungan” kaya gagamitan natin ng karunungan.ACCORDING TO IGLESIA NI MANALO DOCTRINE, IT WAS FELIX MANALO WHO GAVE SALVATION TO ALL WHO DIED BEFORE 1914…. Walang F, X, Y, enye sa tagalog alphabet Ang F ay P Ang X ay Ks ( boxing ay boksing) Y=I at enye=Y PELIKS ISAGUN MANALO 6 6 6 ERANYO GUZMAN […] A look inside the Vatican’s Diplomatic Power 2015-06-27 From U.They are God’s chosen ones.” Ang ating mga obispo ay may katungkulan na magturo, at ang saklaw ng kanilang pagtuturo ay kasama na ang politika at pamamahala ng tao.Ayon nga sa Bibliya: “Hindi […] A step closer to sainthood for Dorothy Day New York City, N.S president Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth…From controversial leaders to Hollywood stars. The Vatican may be thesmallest country in the world, but it has real diplomatic influence.NIGEL BAKER UK Ambassador to the Holy See “Possibly the world’s most extensive […] “As Catholic Christians, let us give rightful respect to our church overseers, the successors of the Apostles – our bishops.Suffice it to say that since […] Muslim refugees convert to Christianity in Austria Christian Deguit 18 April, 2016 PM The number of Muslim migrants in Austria who want to convert to Christianity has increased massively in recent months; however, most of these migrants, who are refugees from conflict-torn countries like Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, are in danger of violence from […] Winnie Ibe IGLESIA NI CRISTO MEMBER named Arius challenged us to rebut his response to my article on the claim of Manalo as ” last messenger” and apostasy.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has opened the canonical “inquiry on the life” […] TRANSGENDER BAPTIST PREACHER ALLYSON ROBINSON SAYS ‘ANGEL OF REASON’ TOLD HIM BIBLE WAS WRONG “Allyson Dylan Robinson is a minister of the gospel, trained for the task, and ordained to the gospel ministry by another community in which she has served as pastor,” former leader Amy Butler wrote at that time.They couch their arguments in Catholic Social Teaching; the common good, political community, love for the poor, subsidiarity.