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Manure storage capacity Farms must provide sufficient storage facilities to store all slurry produced by livestock during a period of six months for pigs (1 October to 1 April), five months for cattle (1 October to 1 March), and to store all poultry manure produced during a period of six months.They are intensively stocked on their milking platform at about six cows a hectare and the capacity of their slurry storage facilities would leave them well short of the five months required under NVZ regulations.See also: More farmers could face NVZ restrictions in Wales Land draining into a number of lakes on Anglesey could also be affected.A further lake is under consideration in west Carmarthenshire, where there is a high concentration of dairy farms, and also a groundwater designation.Half of Wales’ potato growing area would also be designated as an NVZ.Pembrokeshire would be the region most affected where up to 2,000 land holdings in the Cleddau Rivers catchment and the Milford Haven waterway would be subject to restrictions on fertiliser and manure spreading.The couple have a spring-calving system and, when conditions are favourable, cows are out at grass at the beginning of February.

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These vary and depend on country, crop type and soil type.The council, which owns the farm, has told Mr and Mrs Evans there is no cash available to establish an NVZ-compliant lagoon.Dairy farmers and potato growers fear their businesses will be seriously hampered if Welsh government plans for a massive expansion of nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZ) are approved.Less than 3% of Welsh farmland currently falls within an NVZ but the Welsh government is about to consult on plans that would draw in 25% of all land used for milk production.

The plans have received short shrift from farmers whose land falls within the proposed zones.

Tenant dairy farmers Jeffrey and Elinor Evans, who run a herd of cows at Broadmoor Farm, a county council holding near Wolfscastle in Pembrokeshire, are fearful for the future of their business.