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26-Aug-2015 15:21

Now you can use the touch screen or the D pad and buttons to choose your answers. Extras: Art Gallery- Here you can see all of the art you unlocked during gameplay Museum- These are the items you collected throughout the game and it gives the picture and description of each item. So heres how the game might work: +-----------------------------------------+ | | | (Picture of Person here) | | | | | | (The text the person is saying) | | Hey Wanna go to Game FAQs? Music- This has music from the game Credits- Sort of self-explanatory. Options: These will help you set up your game: Music Volume- Judges how loud the music is. Now when you get started it will explain what is going on and then you can begin your game. 5) Use Item (It really does not matter what you choose, but let's go with 3) Brett: What?! So I figured....hey, why don't I just write a FAQ for this game. Now Sprung is a unique game, pretty much the only American dating sim out right now, but it is not perverted at all, like you would think. Use Item | +-----------------------------------------+ Now when you start the game off you will see three options.

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| +-----------------------------------------+ | | | (Picture of your character) | | | | 1. Sound Volume- This judges how loud the sound in the game is. Now when you start off you can set up your options and then chose play.

There are two different stories in this game: Brett's Story and Becky's story.