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23-Jan-2016 14:57

Thanks, --Michael Payload Validating Interceptor problem I'm using spring-ws-1.0.1 and JBoss 4.0.5.The JAXP version seems to be 1.3 ("3" prints out when I run the Jaxp Version() inside the server). Payload Validating Interceptor: sample wiring sought Good morning to you all, I am looking for a sample wiring of a Payload Validating Interceptor.The Spring WS client is a lightweight alternative that doesn’t need a WSDL to work.You code against a template like Spring’s other templates for communicating against a database or JMS server.

This blog article demonstrates how to use Spring WS as a client with JAXB for the data binding and how to add pre and post processing behaviour with interceptors.If you’re not familiar with generating JAXB classes, then take a look at this tutorial.What I am trying to do is to XSD-validate the payload inside ...I need to validate two schemas which are identical in namespace but they use different elements of the same structure.

Hi, I'm using the Payload Validating Interceptor to validate my SOAP messages, however, the following error appears in the log file: Code: XML validation error on response: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting ...I have been using a convention for fault codes like this: "SOAP-ENV: Client.validation Error" Is it possible to make my Payload Validating Interceptor default to using this syntax instead of "SOAP-ENV: Client" ?

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