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I look forward to seeing your work unfold and take over the world!

Warmly Laura All signs seem to indicate you helped me find the love of my life.

Eternally appreciative for your brilliance in creation and willingness to create the sacred space for growth. Great job at defining and maintaining boundaries while pushing the envelop too. That was one of the funnest, most edge-pushing, heart-centered dating experiences I've ever had. My friend June and I were raving about it the rest of the night.

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Thank you for the ways in which you really held the beauty in each person there.I especially loved our closing ritual, and left feeling full and met. One bit of feedback that I had was that it might be okay to let the silence hang a little longer in the group process.

He said, "She's spent these 18 years with a dad who prays to God and she would see man, my dad knows God; He answers him when he prays and so now when she's with these guys she wants to know, OK do you really know God, do you really know Him, is it a true relationship with Him."Prayer, Chan explained, is a good measure of a person's spiritual growth because "prayer is conditional." He continued, "We see in Scripture God often hates our prayers.… continue reading »

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* Ventimiglia said he’s sure Jess is “just being Jess, walking away when too many people show up.” * “Lane is figuring out what kind of mom she wants to be,” Keiko Agena mused. I hope she’s still playing music with Hep Alien.” (Oh, did we forget to mention Hep Alien also put on a reunion show Friday?… continue reading »

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