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Although we are in the so-called ‘Information Age’ and the internet provides a surplus of it – some of it accurate, much of it misleading – there is nowhere near enough information on vintage bicycles. Sometimes, folks with no experience of the vintage hobby who may have recently unearthed an old bicycle contact me and demand that I immediately tell them what it is, how old it is and what it’s worth.

The key point here is that the elders who were around while our favourite vintage machines were still on the road are no longer with us, the last of them having passed on in the past twenty years or so.

Now we must depend on those who gleaned that first-hand knowledge from them; these chaps were the ‘youngsters’ then, but now they’re getting older themselves, most in their late sixties and seventies.

My contemporaries and I are in a younger age group – forties to sixties – and we’re busy learning and recording what we can before it’s lost forever.

We study 100-year-old magazines to see when certain new innovations were first reviewed (it helps us date bicycles with similar features), read correspondence of the time to try to understand contemporary views and opinions, research old catalogues, meet fellow enthusiasts, help each other with restorations, ride our old bikes as much as possible, and work with our elders to pick up tips and wisdom.

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’ The answer, in short, is that I do not have time to tell you either. With an estimated 15,000 bicycle manufacturers, the odds are stacked against me recognizing yours; in any case, I do not claim to be an expert, just an assiduous recorder of information.

’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?

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I cannot here make ])roper acknowledgments to jill to whom they are due; hut let those who have manifested their kind good-will, and those who have not, so long as they feel it, accei)t my grateful thanks. Vdiitometl and Icxochitlanex at Ciillinacan 'i'eiideii- eies toward Toltec Culture '289 CHAPTER VI. These left them no course but to beliine that all mankind were descended from one ))air. '-'.*, ,'U Ini Minieralile other speeulations have lieen niado on this poinl. It is found in the liistories of t)ie Toltecs that tliis age and first world, as they term it, lasted seven hundred and sixteen years; that man and all the earth were destroyed by great showers and l)y lightnings from heaven, so that nothing remained, and the most loi'ty mountains were covered up and submerged to the depth of eaxtohnolctltli, or fifteen cubits;" and here they add other fables of how men came to multiply again from the few who escaped the destruction in a liy cri'iitiiij; u man and a ■woman (nit of oartli. Smith to be "sufficiently indicated by the })ressure of nations, so far as it is known in America, bein- always from the north-west coasts, eastward and southward, to the beginning of the thirteenth century."''* "That America was peo- 'lied from Asia, the cradle of the human race, can no •iiger be doubted," says Dupaix; "but how and when they came is a problem that cannot bo solved."^" i Muigration from eastern Asia, of which there can be no doubt, only "took })lace," says Tschudi, "in the latter ])art of the fifth century of the Christian era; and while it explains m any facts in America which long perplexed our arclueologists, it by no means aids us in determining the origin of our earli- est poi . 'ricain.' tfc Jioiirhonrij, in ^imiril/is Ainii(/fs i/rs Villi., IS.'i S, tom. 11)1 41- fartl irtlicr I' nirirnin;; cmioration lo .'Xmcrica from ti.-,: li-we K'I'.unipc: Milrhill, in Aiiti Trinisitvt., vol. For many months they sailed westward witliout findill^■ a resting-place; but at length they came to a largo and fertile country, wliere, after sailing for some dis- tance along the coast in search of a convenient land- ing-place, they disemharked, and permanently settled. ill Xitiirrl/rs Ainifilcs (fen I'oy., 18.")."), toiii. 1")7-S; Vinllil- h-lhir, ill C/iiiri Kn/, lliiiiirs Amir., j)]). 17; W'illiiiiiisini'.'i Ohniri'iitiiiiis on ('lliiinlv; Xistirniuii'n I'uln- iiixiilioii iif A iiirrii'ii III/ Xiir/liifi's/irii Eiirii/n'iiiis; Fnii'i/, hi.trmiri, in .■\ii/,'i. In short, they were true ( "atludics of their time.'' Tiie prevalence of this 'Till' l",i('t llmt (hey ^Vl! But it is not ini- j»rolabli' that their zeal gave a coloring to soino traditions and supj)ressed others winch i'urnished im support to the Biblical accounts, and were inventd wholly in the interests of the devil. Huit- zilihuitl made a valiant and long-continued defence, defeating the Tepanecs in a fierce battle, but exciting- renewed horror by murdering and cutting in piecos Aeolnahuacatl, king of Azcapuzalco, and formerly em})eror. The noj)al Lirew na :; I'uck in the midst of a beautiful pool, into which t CK' iif the two disi'o N'ei'ers was instantly drawn, and n'lniirted to an interview with the Tlal th h ocs, who coll lirni'ii IM e bel K'l that here was to be their |ieriiiaiieiit II '. We tind the aljoris^inal record more and more complete as wo a[)proach the e|)och of the coii- ([Uest, with much less confusion in chronoloy-y, so l;if as leadiui;- events are cone sons, one of m was lluitzililiuitl; Chivi^-ero tells us she was W 11(1 lai Ttii, hut took charuc of tiie educrdion of tw o ot Ih r Iiijsltand's sons, Huitzilihuitl and (_'himalpo]»oca, liv another wife; Tor(|Uemada confounds the two Areatly ])uzzled a! There is still more evident exai^j^eration in tho tale of Clavio-ero, L"czo/omoc, and Duran, that Itzcoatl overthrew the " 'aiiecs, held the power in his own hands, and ^laciouhly i)ut the Acolhua prince on the throne of Tczriico in consideration of his friendship and assist- ance. \i 'I I Tlic annals of the Aztoe period oonstltuto a rccoi'd of successive coiu^uests by the allied Tepanec, Acol- hua, and ^lexican forces, in which the latter play the leading- role, and by which they became ])racticnlly masters of the whole country, and were on tlie j)()iiit of subjunatinof even their allies, or of faliiiio' before a comhination of their foes, when they i'ell betoiv n I'oe fi'om across the sea. Ashamed and angry, he seizetl arms and rushed alone against the enemy, taking ca[)tive one of their mightiest warriors — their aged lord Toteotzin himself, Ixtlil- xochitl says — and creating a panic which caused ulti- mate defeat. 'I'lic f Drincr jniilhir Miys tliiit tills niinpicwl cvlcndi'il tii (jliiimliiliiiiaiicn iiml . 4;"' and in the next year took place the death of Xezaluudcoyotl, the kin*,'- of i Vcolhiiacan, and con- si(Kiod as the g-reatest and wisest of the Cliii-hiniec ii Kduirchs. By the advice of tl.i' assemhled nohles the leaders of the Acliihah, iiichiil- ins4" those m Iio had com[M)sed the deputation demand insj;' reforms, were seizi'd and ])ut to death. i;\T Tii K Kast and Wkst- Zamna, Tif K l*()NTii'i'-Ki N(i Till; It/as AT Cl IICIIKN- Ul M'; 0|.- Cl KII. … continue reading »

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We gratefully acknowledge the work of the medical writers, editors, and reviewers in producing this educational resource.… continue reading »

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