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Ocelotisk z plochy desk: (Czech.) line engraving, steel engraving, recess printing, intaglio, taile douce - flat plates. 1914, when the Ottomans entered the First World War. Ohu Post: inscription on stamps of Estonia for air mail. Pane: 1: stamps as sold by the post office; usually a commemorative pane consists of 50 stamps; four panes of 50 stamps make up a "sheet" of stamps as printed; more recently panes consist of 20 stamps. Part time dealer: a dealer whose primary income is from another job. G.: Postes Bureau du Gourvernement (Fr.), Government Post Office, 1793-98. Pechino: overprint on stamps of Italy for Peking, Italian post office in China,1918-19; aka Pei-Ching. Pecliv Tarzitkujte: "Philatelic handling label" for careful canceling and handling of mail, supplied by postal authority, Czechoslovakia. 31, 1922, Treaty Port, stamps of Italy overprinted"Pechino"for use at Italian post office, see China, Italian Post Offices. Példányszám: (Hung.) quantity (of stamps) printed.. Pelita: overprint on Netherlands Indies for semi-postal, 1948. 2: postal administration mark for invalid stamps used on mail at country of origin. 5: see Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals.Ø: (Dan.) island. A.: Official Assignee, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. Oahamapka: Finland Oakland Parcel Delivery: parcel delivery firm serviced Oakland, Calif. T: Onward Air Transport, continuance of conveyance by air. Oberbogen: (Ger.) the two upper panes in a sheet of four panes. Oberpostdirektion: (Ger.) (OPD) Regional Directorate of Posts. Obligations: bonds, debentures; revenue inscription on stamps of French Colonies. Obliterating bar: a mark used to make illegible an unwanted portion of a stamp design. Oddity: a collectible philatelic item that has unusual variations such as a different design, gum type, different color, odd or unusual cancels, etc. OE: auction abbreviation which indicates that a cover has been opened at the end or side. Palmerston Garage: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. Parchment paper: hard, tough paper which is also glossy and transparent.3: Ohio, pre-adhesive postmark 4: abbreviation for ordinary paper as opposed to other unusual paper or finish of a printed stamp. area; used labels; year unknown.Öarna: (Swed.) islands. Obali: currency in Ionian islands during British administration. Oberkommando der Wehrmacht: (Ger.) German High Command, censored mail. Oblique roulette: perforation cuts are set with a slant, parallel to one another. Obliterating stamp: a mark, with date or time indication, used to deface stamps on mail. Occupacion: (Sp.) occupation Occupacion (timbre d'): (Fr.) occupation (stamp). Oelsnitz/Vogtl.: city in Germany, Express-Packet-beförderung, local post. Palm stamps: common design featuring palm trees for colonies in French West Africa, 1906. Papir, Krideret: (Dan.) chalky paper, coated paper. Pardoes da Grand Guerra: inscription on Portugal and Azores for postal tax. S.: On Active Service, military personnel on active duty get free ranking privilege. Objetos envasados: (Sp.) wrapped and bottled article; found on local fiscals of Cadiz which were used as postal tax stamps during the Civil War. Odontomètre: (Fr.) 1866 name for perforation gauge. Palmer, Frederick N.: 1845-48; postmaster, Brattleboro, Vt., issued Postmaster's Provisional stamp. Papir, Linieret: (Dan., Nor.) paper ruled by vertical, horizontal, or cross-hatched lines. Parcel stamps, US: government package service started 1912.Oaxaca: 1: overprint on stamps of Mexico for this district, 1856-1883. C.: (Ger.) Österreichisch-Bayerische Correspondenz (Austrian-Bavarian Mail) pre-adhesive postmark, 1840, entitled to reduced postage rate. Oblit.: auction abbreviation term for obliterator cancel (grid cancel). Obliteration: 1: term used to denote a cancellation marking to deface a stamp. Obock: eastern Africa on Gulf of Aden, seaport of French Somaliland; currency: 100 centimes = 1 franc 1862: acquired by France, 1883: stamps of French Colonial issue, 1888: government moved from Obock to Djibouti, 1892, Feb. Obsolete stamp: 1: stamps that are no longer sold by the postal service. Obverse watermark: caused by thick paper instead of the normal thinning of the paper, making the watermark appear opaque instead of semi-transparent. OCA: (Sp.) Argentine Clearing Organization, labels of a private delivery firm, Buenas Aires, Argentina, started 1997, for delivery in Argentina and worldwide through other firms. Occupation Azirbayedjan: overprint on stamps of Persia, 1945-46 during Russian occupation; made by Entente officers, found to be bogus. Oeneo Island, Dependency of: bogus overprint of Pitcairn island.Øer(ne): (Dan.) island(s). Oesterreich: alone or as an overprint on stamps of Germany for Austria. S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1910. Oeuvres de Guerre: with cross and surtax, overprint on stamps of Cameroon for semi-postal. Paludismo: (Sp.) malaria on 1947 Mosquito Tax stamp must be affixed to all letters in addition to regular postage. Pareja: (Sp.) two of a kind; stamps that have not been separated.

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2: inscription on stamps of Mexico for State of Oaxaca revenue issue during civil war, 1913-16, printed on back of post office receipt forms. Butler, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. B.: Official Business overprint on stamps of the Philippines. 2: abstempelung (Ger.); Oblitération (Fr.); Annullamento (It.); Matasellado (Sp.). Oblitération rond avec date: (Fr.) circular date stamp. 1: No.1, 1 centime lilac-blue, first stamps, Obock overprint on back of French Colonial issue, postage due stamp, 1902: Obock and Somali Coast protectorate combined under name of French Somali Coast; name Somali Coast Protectorate adopted on stamps of Djibouti; see Afars and Issas, Benadir, Djibouti, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa, Italian Somaliland. Obvert: a picture or header on the stamp sheet that is on the opposite side than then usual or normal sheet. OC-CO: letters in the four corners of a San Marino essay, 1864, for M. Occupacion de Pascua: inscription on stamps of Chile for semi-postal for Easter Island. OD: 1: Scott Catalog number prefix for Official Department (Argentina). Oesterr Post Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein, Austrian Postal Administration, 1912-20. Oeuvres de Solidarite Fran'aise: French Colonies general issue. PÃ¥lydende V¦rdi: (Dan.) nominal value, face value. Par Exprès Dépêches: (Fr.) express mail, expedited delivery. Paris Postal Conference: forerunner: see General Postal Union, Universal Postal Union._#9: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. E: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. Oblitération de complaisance: (Fr.) canceled to order, stamps canceled by postal authorities without having been used for postage. Oblitération de premier jour: (Fr.) first day cancel Oblitération en barres: (Fr.) barred cancel; with stripes. Obliterator: hand or machine stamp used to cancel an adhesive. Oblitéré: (Fr.) canceled, used, a stamp that has been employed for the postal or revenue service for it was issued. Occupation Fran'aise: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Hungary, French Occupation, 1919, see Arad. OETA: Occupied Enemy Territory Administration; World War II organization to administer occupied territories, used stamps of Great Britain overprinted M. Oeuvres Sociales: with cross and surtax, overprint on St. OF Castellorisco: Occupation Fran'aise, overprint on stamps of France for occupation of Castellorizo, 1915. S.) (Nor.) inscription on stamps of Norway, official use. Oferta: (Inicial) (Sp.): first, or opening bid at an auction. PÃ¥lydende verdi: (Nor.) nominal value, face value (of stamps). Paris: 1: local provisional, France, 1944 2: local post, l'Agencie Lorin, 1871 3: local post, Moreau's Post, 1871Paris 1937: with no colony name, France Paris International Exposition: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1937.