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Even at Whole Foods people are dressed shabbily, running errands and it’s nearly impossible to tell who is single and who isn’t. Others were working out, and it was hard to strike up a conversation with a guy mid stride as he passed me on the boardwalk. I have several friends that have found relationships but also a lot of weirdos on these sights. I kept fact checking all the guys against my list of notable features I wanted in a mate from column B. The superficial nature of online dating had me dismissing guys based solely on their profile picture or because of bad grammar in their bio. Truth is, I don’t have time to cycle through profiles and give up every Friday night to a somewhat blind date. I decided to go with Cloud 9 speed dating because they had the most Google hits and held several events every month in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. I found myself to be a bit nervous, mostly skeptical, and underneath it all, hopeful.Overall, it felt like a waste of time, and I ended up buying a lot of stuff from the bulk isle. I knew there had to be a more efficient way of doing this. I spent extra time getting ready, tried on three outfits, and decked myself out in my good luck pieces from Moon Metal Jewelry.It used to be as easy as walking through the quad and interrupting a game of touch football. But those days have come and gone, and every time I go out to the bars, I feel like the night is over before it gets started. I started my dating mission/research project/ search for love the same way I start any project in my life: I made a list. While there were guys to talk to, and I even got hit on twice, no one there was seriously looking for someone to share more than a night with. I had to find out for all of you out there asking the same questions.The list consisted of two columns: places I could look and what I was looking for. I put on a cute outfit and visited the locations in Column A, places to look for a date: The grocery store. Most of the people were in larger groups, and I found it really intimidating to just walk up and start talking out of nowhere. My next step was to check out all the online dating sites. After poking around on the Internet, I found a few credible companies that were holding events in the coming weeks.Then there was, Kevin, a local college student who spoke faster than I could follow, wore a hemp necklace and tried to guess my sign.He told me we had kindred energy and that he would like to take me out for beers some time.Short of standing on a street corner holding a sign that said Single, I was out of ideas … The event lasted two hours and held in an adorable art studio. The room was lined with tables and chairs, cheesy table covers and shiny mints. As people began to arrive and gather, I introduced myself to the other girls and was surprised to learn that nearly everyone was there for their first time. You are given a “score card” where you write down everyone’s name you meet and circle yes or no.

But he made me laugh and his height didn’t matter anymore.Hans was a soft-spoken German who had blonde hair like a child and a sweet demeanor to his voice. And to be honest, judging by that stupid list “of must have qualities” I wrote at the start of this project, I probably wouldn’t have given some of these great guys a shot.He had come to Orange County to work on his new novel. What it really came down to by the end of the night was chance: the happenchance of being together in this place at this time. What if you are looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things?I know it sounds silly, but I think Young MC has a point. First piece of advice: there is no way you are going to meet someone unless you put yourself out there. I’ve seen it, and more importantly, I am in a place where I know I deserve it.

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At the heart of all the booty shaking and rhyme making is a true message to get your single butt out there and “bust a move.” The last time I actually dated was when My Space was still cool. So, after sifting through a pile of fears and apprehensions about my singledom, I found one question at the root of everything: Where do you meet someone? So this story is for all you single ladies and gents out there. These questions all flooded my mind, and I knew the time had come.

What I think speed dating does is lift the veil of superstition and apprehension in dating.

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