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Sometimes he'll tell them that he fail in with the wrong people and he was a victim himself, he had no idea they were going to commit a crime, he was with them at the time and that is how he got to prison.Sometimes he'll claim he was a drug addict and couldn't stop himself.Inmate's having nothing to do, except think up new con's to play on unsuspecting, friends, family and pen-pals.I can't cover all of them but, will attempt to give you enough, you should be able to tell if you are a victim of these scams.After several nights of processing the mail and every night ten additional letters were going out, all again handwritten, with different names and addresses.Usually, the first part of these letters were and introduction stating that he normally does not write letters to people he does not know, but he had read her letter in a pen-pal magazine and was so moved by it that he just had to write her.

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While completing this task, I noticed that one inmate had mailed about ten letters to ten different females.Now these letters were hand written but were identical except for the name of the women involved, and the addresses.