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Physics in general became pretty weird, with the advent of quantum physics and the Uncertainty Principle, not to mention Nikola Tesla's experimental production of lightning and earthquakes.

One of the weirdest ramifications of quantum physics is Ernst Shrodinger's Observer Effect: a particle exists simultaneously as both a wave and a particle until it is observed by experiment, upon which it becomes one or the other and remains so however it is then tested.

The following selection of 50 particularly weird events only scratches the surface of a very weird century.

Whether you take them with a pinch of salt or with a whole shovelful, the mere existence of such stories suggests that modern life is more bizarre than we usually admit.1) On 30 June 1908, something exploded five miles above Tunguska in deepest Siberia with the force of a 12.5 megaton nuclear bomb.

We can't even rely on basic physical laws: in the Twenties, the accepted speed of light was 186,285 miles per second.

In the next two decades, it slowed down by 3 per cent, but picked up by the mid-Fifties and is now defined as 186,282.34mps.

The heyday of spiritualism, physical mediumship and ectoplasm may have been in the previous century, but while these gradually ebbed away, new forms of weirdness took their place.

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Paul Sieveking, editor of the `Fortean Times', selects 50 of the weirdest The 20th century, like any other, teemed with strange events.

It left no crater, but trees were scorched and flattened over a vast area. A layer of black dust suggested cometary origin - possibly a fragment of Comet Encke.

2) On New Year's Day 1984, a dud, 9in, 22lb, Second World War shell crashed from a sunny sky into a backyard in Lakewood, 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles, leaving a 4ft crater.

But there have been many others - vanishings, frogfalls, combustions - and even a suggestion that the world as a whole is getting weirder.

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In 1929, Einstein's Unified Field Theory proposed an interchangeability of electric, magnetic, gravitational and inertial forces.Neighbours had heard a whistling sound but had seen and heard no plane.