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15-Aug-2015 09:22

Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Venom, Bathory, Megadeth, Celtic Frost, Sodom...

they were all featured on the legendary collections.

Now, the recently resurrected Music For Nations label have decided to herald their return with a new chapter in the Speed Kills saga...

Speed Kills VII will feature exclusively British bands, highlighting the finest acts that the underground has to offer.

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Formicarius have been selected by Sony/Music For Nations to feature on their impending release Speed Kills VII.The Speed Kills compilation albums were infamous throughout the '80s and '90s for bringing some of the world's greatest extreme Metal bands to the attention of fans around the world.HULDRE is an upcoming NORDIC FOLK METAL - name on the Folk Metal scene and they have, since 2010, excited people all over the world with their spectacular compositions inspired by Nordic Folk music, Metal and Rock.Musically they offer catchy melodies of female vocals, violin, hurdy gurdy and flute on a heavy foundation of guitar, bass and drums.

HULDRE's debut album from 2012 Intet Menneskebarn was very well received by reviewers throughout the world and the band has through the years played at such venues as Copenhell and Wacken, won a few musical awards and built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase.Tusmørke was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Lasse Lammert in LSD Studios in cooperation with HULDRE and is released on the 3rd of November.