Smoking philippina dating sites

04-Aug-2016 00:58

Filipina friends of friends and/or ladies from the internet. Glenda Estimo, 3-17-1981, Height: 5'1", Weight: 105 lbs., Catholic, never married, no children. Comments: I really love to meet someone who have a good heart.

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Dislikes: I don't like playboy, unfaithful, dishonesty. Smoking does not matter, drinking on occasion okay.

Elena Caraballe, Born: 3-2-1982, Height: 5'1", Weight: 110 lbs., Religion: Philippine Independence Church, never married, one child: a girl. Likes: I am looking for a marriage minded man that we could spend the rest of our life together. Describes herself: Simple, loving, caring, understanding. Taking care of my lovely daughter and playing sand on the beach with my daughter.

I wish to find a right person that will accept of who I am. Smoking does not matter, drinking on occasion okay. Likes: I am looking for a man that is responsible, a person can stay with me forever and share our love together.

Education: High School, current work: live in care giver. Hobbies: cooking, baking, doing the household chores, watching TV. Describes herself: cute, loving, simple, caring, thoughtful. Likes: honest, loving, humorous, thoughtful, romantic, sincere. Prefers Catholic men who does not smoke or drink but occasional use is okay. She says she is attractive, a passionate woman, honest, loving, sincere, supportive, and she has a sense of humor. She wishes to meet a man who is between 30 to 60 years of age. Her comment is, "I am so glad for being here, and my friends told me that this site is very nice, and that I can meet some guys who will really accept me. Hilda Garancho, Born 9-18,1977, Height: 5'4", Weight: 49 kilos, Catholic, never married, no children. Likes: honest, loving and understanding man, simple living life style. I'm seeking a good man who is about 30 to 40 years old and his qualities are: honest, understanding, to have the same what I like too. I ask my cousin to teach me and as soon as I learn I will write you with my e-mail address.

Describes herself: industrious, hard working, practical. She does not smoke, drinks a little beer on 1st day of menstruation only. Seeking: a good Catholic man who is about 45 to 65 years old or more and does not smoke or drink. 99 lbs., Height 4'11", Catholic, black hair, I am single without children and never been married. Comments: I am not really in for looks, I prefer more a good attitude and broadmindedness. Lotlot Mocoy, Born 7-6-1979, Height 5'1/2", Weight 90 lbs., Catholic, single, never married, no children. Describes herself: simple, smiling, long hair, thin maybe, fair complexion, friendly and sometimes joker. He must have a good character, and accept her for who she is, and not be judgmental. I think that the owner of this site will provide a nice guy for me, and I really hope so. Please send me letter by post office mail, I promise to answer as soon as I can. Describes herself: Simple, loving, understanding, faithful, honest. Hobbies: I love hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, cooking, housekeeping. Smoking does not matter, drinking on occasion is okay.Comments: Please just send me letter by post office because I don't know how to e-mail.