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It struck every hour, and struck as many times as the number of the hour, so once at 1, twice at 2, etc.

At that time, the Italians started counting 1 as the first hour after sunset, and 24 hours was at sunset. After that, turret clocks started appearing in impressive numbers all over Europe (see table in this Wikipedia article) , and probably the first turret clock in England was built at Westminster Palace in 1367.

It is quite likely that there were two previous clocks; the first one being a water clock (installed around 1300), and the second one, installed around 1450 - 1470, a first mechanical verge and foliot clock (probably of vertical door frame construction).

It can be safely assumed that any mention of a “clocke” or “horologium” from the 13th century refers to a water clock.

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A chronicle from 1373 mentions “hoc anno horologia distinguentia 24 horas primo inventa sunt” - “This year, the clock distinguishing 24 hours is invented for the first time”.

[Eulogium historiarum a Honacho quodam Malmesburiensi exarator - according to Bilfinger].

There is no proof whatsoever that there were mechanical verge and foliot clocks in existence before 1300.

Water clocks were used as astronomical clocks with complex gears, and also as striking clocks.

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It is most likely that the clock displayed today in Salisbury Cathedral was built between 15, then converted to turn clock-wise in 1613, converted to pendulum after 1670, then moved to the main tower in 1790, and finally replaced by a new clock in 1884.

That would give it a life span of around 370 years, which is realistic.

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