Skout dating review

19-Aug-2016 04:26

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I had 100 points from logging in on my phone for 10 days, and that was enough for 10.... I dropped it 6 months or so ago because I thought it was attention whoresville and I wasn't getting any results. My theory is that it got "discovered" by the masses and now women get flooded like no other dating site (because it's instant, and how much they push "winks" and the "wink bombs" that you can buy). The only issue with it is - it sends it to random women in your area. and got 4 responses from women I'd never in my life message! By the way Bukowski, I have yet to give another try at Meetme.Might even chance getting back on POF since it's been about a year since they banned me.I used meetme (formerly MYB) as an alternative to pof/cupid like a year ago.But since you mentioned building up friends/popularity on it I've been adding friends everyday, and when I start getting chicks commenting on my statuses etc. My initial draw to the site was the high amount of trashy young girls on there who would pretty much fuck you as long as you had a car to get them out of their parents house for the night....I get likes and comments to just about everything i post - but I have about 5000 friends.... And watch those little young hoes get all jealous when a girl makes it obvious that i fucked her! But yeah, i think I'm just going to stick to OKCupid until it stop working.It was incredibly easy and my response rate was through the roof.

Any other sites like that I should be aware of to add to the list? You can tell how succesful you are with online that you start complaining if one blitz doesn't result in a dozen lays! Yet another one of these pseudo-social-networking-pseudo-dating sites I've never heard of. As a test, on my next blitz, which won't be for a few more months, I'm going to make profiles and blast openers out on: Meet Me Tagged Badoo Skout the same time. Based on what other guys have been saying I expect buckets of pussy.